Van break down!

Today we moved to a different campsite and saw a road runner! And a old rusty wagon. But the van broke down so we had to get a tow truck. It was really cool how used a hook to pull the van on the tow truck.  Then we got in the tow truck. A little while later we arrived at a hotel and orderd a pizza 🍕and went to bed. The next morning we went to a Starbucks and did home work while dad fixed the van. Then we drove for a few hours then arrived at a new hotel.At the hotel they had a pool and hot tub! That was really fun. Then we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Then we blogged and went to bed. P.s. The government shut down really affected us the national  parks were free. The bad thing is the bathrooms 🚽 were closed so we had to go in the woods which is really unfair. The end.

road runner

Cool wagon we saw

Death valley 💀

On the 30 we went to death valley. What really  surprised me was how windy  and cold it really was at night. We camped there for three  nights in the camper van🚙. The first day we went on the golden canyon trail and saw the red cathedral. (The red cathedral is  a rock shaped like a cathedral and is bright red.) The rocks on the hike were beautiful they were all shapes and sizes. They were also most of the colors of the rainbow 🌈red Orange  green and purple.Then we we stopped shortly after that to take a look at the salt flats. And yes the salt flats are actually made of salt.The salt flats stretches  many miles   think  miles of salt! And it is all organic. The salt flats  are remarkable  because they are 282 feet below sea level ! The lowest point in North Aamerica.


Red cathedral. 

 On cliff with my brother .


Salt flats.

December the 28 2018

We got up and had french toast   for breakfast . Yum ! Then we did four pages of math. After that  we went to you see river side  botanical gardens. It has really great trails and lots of different plants they even have a rose garden 🌹. They also have oak trees and lots of different types of cactus🌵. And other plants it is a really cool  place. Next we found a place to eat I had a hamburger 🍔. Delicious ! Then we went on one of the trails. That looped around back to the van. Then we went back to the house. And we ate leftover turky and mashed potatoes for dinner. After dinner I watched another vet program on the television 📺. Then we brushed teeth and went to bed. The end that was my day. 

Rose and plant information sign 

Thursday  the 27 of December 

In the morning we got up and ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Yum ! Then I fished flower petals out of the pool. My feet got soaking wet. Then we went about our own business . Then we left the house and went to the trail head to eat lunch. For lunch I had a cheese roast beef and turkey  sandwich. Yum !. Then we went on a 2 mile hike up in the mountains and the path was very narrow. It was really blustery but we still got a good view. Then we went back to the van and drove back to the house and it started  raining  ☔ in the desert! It is incredibly rare for it to rain in the desert so we were really lucky to have seen it raining. It was really awesome. next we drove to a place were Charlie got his hair cut and my dad went to a hardware store after that  we picked my mom up at the grocery store and drove back to the house. Once we got back to the house I played Banana grams . Then I blogged on my new kindle. we ate steak  for dinner. After dinner I watched a vet program on  the television 📺In our room . (When I grow up I whant to be a veterinarian. ) at the end of the very tiring day I brushed my teeth and got into the bed. And that was my day in the desert. The end.

Christmas adventures 

Monday Christmas eve we went on a walk then we  went to a Mexican restaurant and then saw Mary poppins  returns it was really cool. The theater was really fancy with recliner  seats that went up down and side to side. After that to bed. In the morning we opened presents I got lots of cool stuff my favorite was hair chalk. Before that we had brunch . Then we had turky  and mashed potatoes and carrots yum. The next day we went on a 3 mile hike to a oasis it was really cool. Then we went back to the house. Then we are dinner and I face times anabel  and her mom’s phone died the end. 


Thursday we left my grand parents house and traveled all day then we eventually arrived at Joshua tree national park in the California desert . The next day we went on really awesome hikes  with lots of rocks it was very hot and dry. Then went to a campsite. Only to find some one in our campsite but it worked out ok . The next day we went to the house we were going to stay in for six days.  It is awesome it has a pool  with a minnie water flow and palm trees growing around us it has three bedrooms all with king sized  beds they all have their own bathrooms all the bathrooms have both a bath tub and shower. And it has 4 sofas a fire place a breakfast nook and kitchen and a dineing room .it also has a huge tv p.s. The pool has floaties it is a very nice house. Thats it for now . 

That’s the pool. 


The sight seeing trip 

Tuesday we went to Port Townsend  we went to lots of shops here are a few of my favorites. The first one I liked was a gemstone place with all the rocks gems and minerals you could imagine it was cool the other place I liked was a marina place only thing that’s really bad about that place is the coffee shop they make the worst drinks as especially the hot chocolate gross. Then we played on a model pirate ship and took a picture off me and my brother in a face cut out of a seal and pirate I am the seal and Charlie is the pirate .wensday we got ready to leave and we went shopping.