Monterey bay aquarium🐙

Today we went to the Monterey bay aquarium. My favorite exhibit was the sea otter area. They have six otters four of them were on display today. They are all girls. We got to see the otters, kelp forest, and open ocean exhibits, get fed witch was all really interesting. In the kelp forest they had a diver go down and hand feed the fish. In the open ocean exhibit the had targets that the animals would go over to and get fed. In the otter exhibit they hand fed them but only when they did what they were supposed to. Fun fact about the otters they were all rescued and brought here permanently because they could not go back to the ocean. Also some of them are part of a otter rescue were They rescue abandoned otter pups.They had other exhibits to like the deep reef, and the Monterey bay habitat splash zone, and coral reef, the aviary, (the bird area) and  there were also touch pools. I’m going to tell you about my favorites but not all of exhibits. One of my favorites is the open ocean exhibit in the exhibit they have no rocks or coral because they are trying to recreate the creatures natural  habitat. In this exhibit they have one sunfish, a few groups of tuna, a big school of sardines, two sea turtles, and a couple of hammer head sharks 🐟. Fun fact this exhibit is more than sixty feet long. In separate exhibits they had mackerel and lots of jellyfish to. Another of my favorites was the aviary 🐦. They had lots of shoreline birds and  they also had puffins and my personal favorite were the penguins🐧. Oh and of course they had ducks to. All in all I loved the experience and learning new things. Well good by for now. 

P.s. Enjoy the photos and captions cheerio

Enter it you dare

Otters know their cute always

Are you challenging me ?

I’m hungry and you’r in the way

Caught red handed or should I say red finned

Aren’t I pretty

Little help here I’m stuck on the glass

Glub Glub

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