San Diego zoo safari park

Today we went to the San Diego safari park. We did  two jungle rope courses one  easy and one hard. We also went on a tram  and saw  part of the african area on it. We also saw tiger training 🐅 and we heard about pandas. We saw lions, tigers , kangaroos,and antelopes, giraffes, cheetahs,elephants,condors,and vulutres, buffalo, bats, rhinos, birds, and zebras at the safari park. My personal favorite  were the cheetahs. We got slushes at a snack cart too. I mixed strawberry and blue rasberry flavors together wich was really tasty. All in all I had a great day at the safari park. After that we left the safari park and we drove to a hotel. In the morning we headed to the Spanish mission. The end

A little to close for comfort
Tired !
Rub my belly won’t you ?
Get out of my sight !
Unexpected lunch guest
Up you go junior
Watcha looking at
Time for a massage

Up an at em

we will Hypnotize you

What’s that ?

What bird ?

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