Van break down!

Today we moved to a different campsite and saw a road runner! And a old rusty wagon. But the van broke down so we had to get a tow truck. It was really cool how used a hook to pull the van on the tow truck.  Then we got in the tow truck. A little while later we arrived at a hotel and orderd a pizza 🍕and went to bed. The next morning we went to a Starbucks and did home work while dad fixed the van. Then we drove for a few hours then arrived at a new hotel.At the hotel they had a pool and hot tub! That was really fun. Then we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Then we blogged and went to bed. P.s. The government shut down really affected us the national  parks were free. The bad thing is the bathrooms 🚽 were closed so we had to go in the woods which is really unfair. The end.

road runner

Cool wagon we saw


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